Because we learn something new every day.

From inspiring courses and trainings to tailor-made advice, for goat farmers, as well as for on-farm consultants, vets and feed mills. At CaproSkills everything revolves around knowledge transfer, but above all around practical applicability of knowledge and skills. Also we learn more about goats every day, partly by conducting research at our innovation center De Mekkerhof in The Netherlands.

Our consultancy services
Sometimes everything seems right in theory, while in the barn things do not go as planned. In the end, the goats tell us the truth. It doesn’t always turn out in practice the way we expected. Years of practical on-farm experience worldwide can make a difference. We offer tailor-made advice, completely aligned to your needs. This is also possible in the form of a subscription. Our team specializes in kid rearing, transition management around kidding/lambing, fertility and artificial insemination and goat nutrition. But we also regularly provide support, for example, in the preparation of data analysis and animal health issues.

Our training possibilities
We provide various courses and trainings in cooperation with our partners. Due to the wide variety of topics (general or specific about a certain subject) we can adapt it to your main goals and questions. The courses can be followed by (new) employees, goat farmers, consultants and veterinarians. Again, it is possible to tailor a course to suit your needs, with us coming to the farm, feed mill or company if desired.


Choose one of our other modules


Animal management system with a modern, real-time dashboard. All aspect of the herd and individual goat can be recorded.


Practical goat knowledge database, with topics like animal health, nutrition, transition period and kidding down, fertility, long lactation milking and kid rearing.


Specific knowhow and advice on goat nutrition. Essential nutritional products, like premixes, with added value for milk production and health. Adapted to circumstances and possibilities of your country and farm.


Products with proven results, essential for success and practical use in the barn

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Capro finds it very valuable to have partners. All our partners have passion for goats. An international network is formed, in which all knowledge and skills regarding goat farming come together.  

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