Joint knowledge and passion leads to new international goat consulting company Capro BV

As of April 1, the new dairy goat knowledge and consultancy company Capro will become operational. Founders Anne-Riet Boerenkamp and Erik Reefhuis aim with Capro to bring the international dairy goat sector to a higher level with their years of practical experience and applied research. With this, InsoGoat continues in a new format, achieving a more solid foundation.

The new goat knowledge and consultancy company Capro, which becomes operational on April 1, focuses mainly on international dairy goat farming. Founders and goat specialists Anne-Riet Boerenkamp and Erik Reefhuis receive a lot of requests from goat farmers abroad to further develop their businesses. To be able to answer to this need it was necessary to join forces. Reefhuis: “The dairy goat sector is growing rapidly worldwide, but every goat farm is different. In the Netherlands, but also abroad. Together we have all the knowledge and expertise to support dairy goat farmers with all aspects of dairy goat farming. That means from kid rearing to dairy goat management and from nutrition and animal up to and animal administration. The total business.”

International network What can dairy goat farmers expect from Capro? In most countries, the goat sector is small and goat farmers have to deal with limited goat specific knowledge, mostly copied from cows. That is a challenge. Reefhuis: “Many goat farmers struggle with the further development of their farm. The Netherlands is a guiding country in the field of goats and with Capro we want to form an international network, where all knowledge and expertise comes together. We want to offer personal, customed-made advice, for goat farmers, but also for veterinarians and (feed) consultants.“

Custome-made consultancy How does that work in practice? At Capro, dairy goat farmers, as well as feed suppliers, veterinarians and other advisors in the sector, can choose from various modules. Ranging from an online goat database app to an extensive membership where the goat farmer is fully supported. Boerenkamp: ” We want to be a sparring partner for goat farmers, veterinarians, feed mills and other consultants. Combining goat knowhow and practical experience with data analysis of milk production and animal health creates something unique. And in this way, we can think along proactively “

Capro offers a complete platform that can contribute to a successful goat business with use of various tools. CaproManager is one of the available tools, which is an user-friendly animal management system. Thanks to a collaboration with Jessica Zuurmond this tool became available and will be further designed especially for goats. The app is available on your phone, pc or tablet and also contains a real-time dashboard. In this way you can see deviations in milk production, feeding or health within a glance.

Capro also focuses on the nutritional aspect of goat farming. Calculating goat rations can be on-farm, but also in cooperation with the local feed mill. Boerenkamp: “Capro does not supply feed itself, but transfers knowledge and supply essentials to the local companies that produces for example pellets or milk replacer.”

Passion for goats Boerenkamp and Reefhuis are a powerful combination within the dairy goat sector without a doubt. Reefhuis has been active in the compound feed business for lactating animals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for more than 30 years. His motto: “For me, personal contact with the farmer always comes first. I want to help farmers realizing their future plans with tailored, specialized advice.” He therefore founded Innovation center The Mekkerhof, Europe’s first goat innovation center, in 2018. Many new insights and applications have already been gained with use of the practical research that is conducted.

Boerenkamp also has a great passion for goats. She worked on a large dairy goat for more than seven years, during and after completing her BSc and MSc degrees, and founded InsoGoat in 2014. With InsoGoat, she has been providing independent consultancy in the Netherlands and abroad, providing customized courses and training, and conducting research for many years. InsoGoat will become Capro, giving Capro access to this expertise and extensive network. Boerenkamp: “This will finally give us a broader foundation and greater applicability, allowing goat farmers and others to start using our expertise more optimally.”

Kind regards, Anne-Riet Boerenkamp and Erik Reefhuis

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